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Outdoor Air Systems with Refrigeration on Board

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Product Description

A paradigm shift is happening in the way the HVAC systems of the building have been designed for ages. RH Control is also being looked at critically even in commercial buildings and the air conditioning design is also being modified to address this. Divide and Conquer concept is becoming more and more popular and handling the building's internal moisture load using Ventilation Air is gaining popularity.

DRI Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) are the first choice of designers today for handling the moisture load using Ventilation Air. After having studied almost 20 configurations DRI have the following standard DOAS configurations in their product Range:

Hexair - R series

Incorporating the highest recovery Enthalpy Wheels, EcoFresh, the HEXAIR - R Series has a refrigeration system on board.

OAS 3 DRI Rotors

Some of the key features are:


Hexair - MR series

DRI Hexair - MR DOAS uses a combination of Enthalpy and Desiccant wheels. The unit has a refrigeration unit built onboard. Some of the key features are:

OAS 2 DRI Rotors

Common for DOAS

These units are ideal for Hospitals, Hotels, Offices, Airports, Educational Institutes, and all the air-conditioned areas where RH management is required.

The units are manufactured in ISO Certified state of Artfully vertically integrated facility with world-class machinery, units have a unique design to incorporate enthalpy wheels to maximize energy recovery efficiency and minimize cross-contamination.

Why HexAir is your best buy?

Salient Features:

Applications / Usages


Health Care

Commercial Areas

Residential, Educational & Recreational Areas


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