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Fire Retardant Pads

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Product Description

EcoKool FRP made up of special impregnated inorganic glass fiber material and shall allow high moisture absorption capacity and therefore ensuring continues humidification and evaporative cooling even at a higher air velocity. A cellulose paper pads shall be not acceptable.
The impregnated inorganic fiber media shall be fire resistance and incombustible, therefore complies with any strict building and industrial code.
EcoKool FR pads are ideal for humidifying and evaporative cooling for usage in Air Handling units with Heaters, as well as for Gas turbine inlet pre-cooler.

EcoKool Basic configurations

45/15 flute angle configuration : Designed for minimizing pressure drop from the cooling pad and there is suitable for the application with high air face velocity.

45/45 flue angle configuration : Designed for maximizing the evaporation efficiency by creating more contact time between air and water to allow for better evaporation.


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