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Product Description

DRI's Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems or Pollution Control Units also Called EcoLogy units comes standard with:

Basic Ecology unit comprises of the following:

Optional accessories offered are:

Why DRI Ecology units are your best buy?

Salient Features:

DRI Ecology units are designed and provided with Five stage Filtration System, in order to eliminate the Oil, Grease particles, Dust Particles, Smoke and Odour from the Kitchen exhaust air stream.

The units are designed, engineered, and constructed to meet the current requirement of keeping the environment clean with a cost-effective and economical solution, with ease of maintenance.

The DRI Ecology units are designed to meet the current requirements of commercial kitchen and ventilation standards and local standards for exhaust air.

The DRI Ecology units are designed to have the flexibility of installation on the Roof-top, ceilings, or any other area in the HVAC system's Exhaust Airstream. The specially engineered option can be made for specific requirements and, or space constraints.

DRI units are designed in accordance with the Standard for Exhaust Hoods for Commercial Cooking Equipment, UL 710 and NFPA 90 standard and relevant UL standards.

The Ecology units are widely used as an optimum solution for commercial kitchen exhaust requirements. It will arrest the minimum 95% of Oil & Grease, Eliminates the Smoke & Dust Particles from the kitchen as per ASHRAE 52.2 / EN /ISO Filter standards.

The Ecology units minimize the smell/odor from the kitchen cooking environment.

The DRI Ecology units are applied best for Kitchen ventilation systems in Hotels, Food courts, Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, Malls, Commercial buildings, Colleges, and other places.


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