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Desiccant Cooling Systems

Product Description

DRI offers a range of Desiccant cooling systems. These are basically open-cycle systems, using water as a refrigerant in direct contact with air. The cooling cycle combines evaporative cooling, air to air rotary heat exchangers, and desiccant dehumidification. Low-grade waste heat or solar heat from flat-plate solar thermal collectors are normally applied as a heating system for regeneration of the desiccant rotors.

We have also executed projects for solar-assisted desiccant cooling systems. Such units are specially designed and configured for a particular station with a detailed study of the climate conditions (outdoor air data).

There are several key components used in the desiccant cooling systems depending on the final configuration.

We are leading suppliers of key parts of the system and can assist in final design configuration and manufacture a full unit with high casing specifications, all sensors, and controls.

We also use special chemistry desiccant rotors for this application, special air to air heat exchangers, direct and indirect evaporative cooling modules for desiccant cooling applications with unique characteristics.

Desiccant Cooling Systems (with IDEC)


Desiccant cooling systems(with IDEC)

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