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Evaporative Cooling Modules

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Product Description

DRI offers Evaporative cooling modules for AHUs. These modules come as a complete package including cooling pads (fire retardant or cellulose-based), assembly, with eliminators, water tray pump, distribution system, sensors, and controls. These are in stainless steel or as per specified project requirements. We can custom manufacture these evaporative cooling modules for your air handling unit (AHU).

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Series (ECM 600-600 to 2400-2400)

DRI offers Evaporative cooling modules for Air-cooled chillers. These cooling modules can make your chiller more efficient and assist in increasing performance in high ambient temperatures. The modules are custom built for a particular chiller model/series. They are easy to install, snap-on, and come with a full water distribution system. Such chiller modules are ideal for retrofit cases where the need is to increase performance, save energy or the chiller may not be performing as per the design on account of high ambient temperatures.


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