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Honeycomb Chemical Filter DRISORB series

Dry-Air Honeycomb Chemical filter, DRISORB series, is an 'in-situ' synthesized/deposited (insoluble metal silicate and activated carbon) macroporous desiccant honeycomb matrix, impregnated with a choice of oxidizing agents and alkaline solutions. It has high efficiency and reliability. The filter is specially designed for higher airflow, therefore, requires a lower surface area and has a lower pressure drop.

Unique Features:

Advantages of DRISORB™ Filters

DRI V Bank Cassettes & Cartridge Filters:

DRI offers various types of V bank & round Cartridge filters for different industrial & commercial applications with a choice of pocket depths & low surface velocities.
The V Bank Cassettes & cartridges are made of made stainless steel.


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