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Air Purification Systems (APS)

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Product Description

With its unique filter bank comprising of various levels and particulate as well as gas-phase filters, the FAPS arrests all harmful particulate & gaseous pollutants to keep the indoor healthy.

The unique honeycomb design of chemical filters ensures 100%. removal of gaseous containments insight of being designed at higher face velocity.

The outdoor air pollutants are removed at the source itself unlike the risen air purifies normally available in markets.

This system also helps to maintain positive pressure in the indoor spaces. The outdoor air dilutes the indoor air thereby keeping co2 levels also with measuring units.




Dilute/flush out indoor pollutants using clean outside air and further prevent infiltration by positively pressurizing the area. To clean outside air, proper particulate and chemical filtration is required before the air is introduced into space. The best solution for Indoor Air Pollution is dilution using Outside Clean Air. Customization possible based on:


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