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Treated Fresh Air Handling Units (TFA)

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Product Description

FlexAir Treated Fresh Air Units provide a complete solution for Ventilation, to maintain good IAQ and Energy Savings in a single Unit.

Incorporating the highest recovery Enthalpy Wheels, EcoFresh, these units are ideal for Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, Offices, Airports, Educational Institutes, Pharma facilities, Cold Storages, in fact, all the air-conditioned areas. The Units are in modular construction with options to add modules for heating, cooling, humidification, high-efficiency particulate filters, gas phase filters, sound attenuation, mixing, etc.

The casing is AHRI Certified for Leakage, Thermal Transmittance, and Thermal Bridging.

Manufactured in ISO certified state-of-the art fully vertically integrated facility with world-class machinery, units have a unique design to incorporate enthalpy wheels to maximize energy recovery efficiency and minimize cross-contamination.

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TFA 2 DRI Rotors

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Health Care

Commercial Areas

Residential, Educational & Recreational Areas

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