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DRI-Heat Recovery Wheels for Paint Booths

Highly Efficient Heat Recovery wheels for paint booths applications

Large amount of air is needed in paint booths with specified air conditions i.e. temperatures & humidity. The Heat Recovery Wheels helps to recover the large amounts of the waste heat from the exhaust air stream.

DRI Heat Recovery Wheels make considerable contribution to energy savings and therefore CO2 reduction. The high efficiency of Heat Recovery Wheels results in good payback period. The Heat Recovery Wheels are in used in most of the automobile manufacturing plants worldwide for many years.

Heat Recovery Wheels are exposed to large amount of paint particles and therefore chance of media blockage are very high. However, Heat Recovery Wheels are provided with online rotor cleaning systems to remove the blockage on regular pre defined internationals. With the robust online cleaning system, operating under the rough environmental conditions, the high Heat recovery is made possible.

DRI Heat Recovery Wheels comes with the following advantages:


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