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Product Description

The new membrane-based Enthalpy Heat Exchanger will bring new thresholds in efficiency, effectiveness, and simplicity

Enthalpy heat exchanger means both heat and moisture transfer in a fixed membrane-type heat exchanger. Enthalpy heat exchangers are of two types, plate-type heat exchangers and membrane-type heat exchangers. Membrane heat exchangers are the desired option in ventilation systems where any 'circulation' of air is unwanted. The incoming and outgoing airstreams are entirely separated, and no moisture or odor is transmitted.

The DRI EcoERV HEX will come in both crossflow and counter-flow options.

What are counterflow and crossflow and how does it work?

Counter-flow heat exchangers are primarily used in ventilation and air-conditioning systems and are particularly suitable for controlled ventilation of residential buildings. In the counterflow heat exchangers, the channels are arranged in the opposing air flows to maximise the heat energy exchange.

Crossflow heat exchangers have higher spacing between the plates than in Counter-flow models. In these heat exchangers, the air channels are arranged so that the air flows cross over one another.

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