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South Asia's LARGEST manufacturer of highly efficient & reliable Cooling Pads

EcoCool Evaporative Cooling Pad uses the simple principle of Cooling by evaporation i.e. passing hot fresh air through the wet and cool surface to bring temperatures down.

Sensible Heat is thereby changed to Latent Heat and Fresh Air leaving the pads is humidified and cold.

The EcoCool Evaporative Cooling Pads are saturated with water, sprayed onto it through prefixed channels.

Fresh Air, which is warm or hot, is blown (with the help of a fan) through the wet EcoCool Pad. The water evaporates when it comes in contact with the warm/hot air, thus cooling as well as humidifying the air entering the area.... shop floor and industrial premises, Greenhouses, Poultry houses.

Ecofriendly and economic, EcoCool provides the ideal media to keep the temperature low in industrial, commercial, and residential areas, poultry farms, hatcheries, livestock areas, greenhouses, and other agricultural areas.

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Available in 7mm & 5 mm flute height and 45/45, 45/15, 30/30 flute angles.

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