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Ducted/Direct Evaporative Coolers

Product Description

World's Best Performing Evaporative Air Coolers

Industrial & Commercial Ducted Air Cooling Solutions

Energy Efficient

Lower energy consumption

Cost Effective

Lower initial, running and maintenance cost

Green Air-Conditioning

Conditions the air by evaporative cooling & not mechanical refrigerant cooling based

Evaporative cooling uses natural resources - air & water. It brings down the dry bulb temperature through evaporation of water.

Evaporative Cooling with Arctic Evaporative Cooler

Ventilation using 100% Fresh Air for Healthy and Comfortable spaces


Why Arctic is your best buy?

Features of ARCTIC Air Coolers:

The ARCTIC Direct Evaporative Cooling Range:

ARCTIC Direct Evaporative Air Cooling Solutions:

Level 1 - Spot & Free Flow Coolers & Level 2 - Ducted Coolers Advantages of Direct evaporative air cooling are Better cooling in high & dry ambient areas, its low life-cycle cost, improved indoor air quality, reduced peak electricity demand, simple controls & low maintenance. DRI has the largest range of direct evaporative coolers in Asia starting at 1500 CFM up to 100,000CFM. The range covers heavy duty, PPGI Cabinet coolers with 3 side intake, blower based plug & play units.


For human Comfort, for better IAQ, for heat-odor removal, process requirements, for animal-birds-plants, and many more.

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