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Dew Point Coolers

Technical Specifications

Product Description

Dew Point Evaporative cooling range, enables conventional and wet bulb barriers to be broken.
The Special DRI Cool Ultra Module enables sensible cooling ina single pass taking the supply air dry bulb temperature below the wet bulb of the incoming air (without adding humidity)

How does the product work?

How does the DRI Cool ULTRA Module Works?

The working air initially enters the dry channels, where it is pre-cooled sensibly before it is fractioned into multiple streams, which are directed into wet channels.

The heat from the product air is transferred to the working air in the wet channels by means of evaporation. The heat is exhausted out the sides of the DRI Cool ULTRA Module and then to the atmosphere.

The product air stream is completely separate from the working air and never comes in contact with the or any wetted surface. This process occurs multiple times in a short physical space within the exchanger, resulting in progressively colder product and working air temperatures.

This system is modular, so the size and shape of an Air Handling Unit can be changed to meet user requirements.


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