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DRI has always been in the forefront of Air Treatment technologies. Our group is the fastest growing Adsorption Technology group in the world today.

We have several patents for our key technologies filed and accepted globally. (more details are available on request)

The R&D at DRI is focused to continuously provide the customer with energy smart green products through:

Some of the key materials, technologies, intellectual property (IP) and core products developed using hundreds of man-years of research, development, experiments, extensive internal & external testing & validation are:​

Our Team

A dedicated team of scientists, research chemists and engineers are working on breakthrough work with the end objective of market introduction of truly innovation tech. The company has several patents filed and granted globally for the technologies, products and processes developed.

DRI has continuously invested in product and technology specific testing labs. DRI'sR&D facilities are recognized by the Department of Science and Technology and are the best in the environmental control industry, worldwide, in the corporate sector.


Manufacturing, Quality and Systems:

DRI is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company with 5 (five) state of the art manufacturing facilities. The plants are vertically integrated with all key parts and manufacturing processes in-house with a focus on quality and on-time-delivery. There are well established 5S, lean and audit processes. The product specific manufacturing facilities have in-house special purpose machinery, multiple CNC turret, bending, powder coating and panel making infrastructure. In additional all capabilities of coating, synthesising, winding, metal working and surface finishing for rotors are within the company. The company is undergoing a digital transformation even on the shop floor. The newly added manufacturing facilities and infrastructure in 2020 have tremendously enhanced capacity to deliver on new growth through the next decade.



Team DRI has plans to double its current business revenue by 2023. We will achieve this objective through best in the world products, R&D, speed, customized solutions, and strong relationships in over 30 key countries with a leadership position in our Home Markets.

Creating an enjoyable, accountable & participative working environment
On-time delivery with zero defects
Cost-effective solutions and efficient pre & post sales support
Strengthening footprints in key markets globally through organic growth & acquisitions
Continuous improvement & new products introduction through R&D
P's focus (Planet, People, Profit)
Manufacturing Facility, Gurugram
Manufacturing Facility, Manesar
Manufacturing Facility, Manesar
Manufacturing Facility, Manesar
Manufacturing Facility, Bhiwadi


Engineering & Product Development

At DRI, we strongly believe that innovation and new product introduction are the key to future growth. DRI has played a pioneering role in research and innovation of various Air Conditioning Components and products backed with the knowledge of desiccants, corrugation technology and air system design. The application and product development Engineering team of DRI is a true asset. The company has a well defined new product development process backed by testing facilities to validate performance. While a full range of standard plug and play equipment is available, our application teams can custom design a product which is project specific. This ability to custom design and build project specific equipment sets us apart. The engineering team has the latest selection tools and design platforms. Innovation is part of the work culture across all departments and the endeavour is to institutionalise innovation.


Certification, Global Presence and References

DRI participates in various relevant product specific certification programs. Depending on the product category and requirements these certifications can be either country specific or with global certification bodies such as ISO, AHRI, Eurovent (for energy recovery wheels), UL, Intektek, TUV, NFPA, SGS, ROHS and others. Credible Third party certification validates our published data for our global customer base across 45+ countries. DRI has a long history of reliable, robust and high performance product supplies to some of the most prestigious iconic commercial & industrial building projects across. We have had long standing relationships with our (customer) partners with some going back even 20 years+. We have regional sales and service support centres and partners.


Chairman's Profile

Mr. Deepak Pahwa is the Chairman of Pahwa Group. The Group, where innovation is life, is the fastest growing Adsorption Technology Group in the world. Under his leadership, the group has filed 123 patent applications for 13 new technologies, at national and international level, 46 patent granted / already allowed.

Mr. Deepak Pahwa

Chairman, Pahwa Group & Director, DRI



Corporate Social Responsibility

DRI has always believed that it needs to contributes to the "industry" and the general "community". Over the last few years, DRI has taken many initiatives to encourage knowledge dissemination and innovation in the HVAC & R Industry. Now, it has expanded the scope to contribute and work towards the benefit of general community around its plants in Haryana, India.

DRI's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives are focused on 3 areas:

  • Vision
  • Education
  • Environment

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