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High Temperature Recovery Wheels

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Technical Specifications

Product Description

How does the product work ?

Principle of working for BryXchange Air to Air Rotary Heat Exchanger

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BryXchange Air to Air Rotary Heat Exchanger’s Advantages

  • Higher energy recovery
  • Lower electric energy costs
  • Compact unit design results in less weight
  • Temperature control
  • Considerable primary fuel saved

High efficiency and reliability

  • Stainless steel, double-walled, insulated casing
  • Sectorized Wheel for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Designed for very slow rotational speed of around 8-10 RPM
  • Manual cleaning system for media cleaning
  • Heat-stabilized external bearings with Teflon gasket
  • Smooth surface to ensure minimum vertical runout
  • The rotor is made of alternate flat and corrugated foil of very uniform pitch and height
  • Rotor depth 200mm
  • Substrate-aluminized steel or Stainless Steel foil
  • Split casing for larger sizes

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