EcoCool Pads: Sustainable Cooling Solutions for Evaporative Cooling  

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

When dealing with hotter seasons or living in warmer climates, animal farmers frequently face the issue of keeping their livestock cool and comfortable. High temperatures and humidity in barns can induce heat stress, a condition detrimental to the health of poultry, cattle, and pigs.

Amongst various cooling solutions, evaporative cooling pads – also known as cooling cells, stand out as a standard and practical choice. These systems harness the natural cooling properties of evaporation to lower air temperatures within barns. In this context, let’s delve deeper into how DRI’s EcoCool Pads operate and benefit farmers.

The pads, typically made from materials like cellulose, cardboard, or PVC, are at the heart of an evaporative cooling system. DRI’s EcoCool Pads are uniquely designed with a honeycomb structure to optimize water saturation and airflow.

Water is introduced into the pads, typically through a water pipe across the top. Any evaporated water is collected at the bottom and recycled back into the pads. This evaporation-centric cooling mechanism is a simple yet effective process reminiscent of how humans sweat to cool down.

When the warmer air contacts the cooler water in the pads, heat is transferred from the air to the water. This exchange induces water evaporation, consequently cooling the air. With EcoCool Pads, temperature drops of 10-20°F are standard, and in hot, dry climates, the cooling effect can be even more substantial.

EcoCool Pad systems are strategically designed to cool air as it enters the barn naturally. Usually, the system is installed ahead of intake fans that draw in external warm air. As this air traverses the pads, it is cooled by exchanging heat with the water. Other fans at the opposite end of the building draw the cooled air across the barn, creating a ‘cooling tunnel’ effect.

Cooling pads such as EcoCool are inherently safe

Given that they use water and natural evaporation, there’s minimal chemical leakage or cross-contamination risk. Moreover, they do not directly moisten the barn interior, mitigating potential health risks for the livestock. They’re also straightforward to clean, reducing the chances of mould, mildew, or mineral accumulation within the pads.

EcoCool Pads offer several advantages to farmers

These pads outperform other cooling systems in mitigating heat stress, particularly in ideal environments. They are cost-efficient and energy-saving, especially when paired with active ventilation. The pads promote green cooling, air pollution-free, and significantly reduce health risks by minimizing chemical and gas emissions. Moreover, they can be easily installed and maintained, and their utility spans a wide range of applications, from animal barns to greenhouses.

Using the concept of evaporative cooling

EcoCool Pads provide a fresh breeze of cool air by allowing warm or hot air to pass through their water-saturated surfaces, facilitated by a fan. This process evaporates water when the air meets the wet surface, cooling and humidifying the incoming air.

Benefits of DRI EcoCool Pads:

  • Cellulose Composition: EcoCool is made from a unique, cross-sectional fluted medium, specially processed to retain and absorb water, maximizing cooling efficiency.
  • Strong Form: The distinctive fluted structure of EcoCool is designed to prevent sagging and resist blockages.
  • High Efficiency: It allows for greater cooling with reduced air volume, with an impressive efficiency rate of over 80%.
  • Durable: EcoCool is fortified with specific anti-decay chemicals, enhancing its lifespan.
  • Powerful Cooling: EcoCool reduces temperatures efficiently with minimal energy expenditure.
  • Easy Maintenance: The unique design of EcoCool helps to decrease the accumulation of dust and other debris.
  • Superior Performance: Compared to other pads, EcoCool can manage triple the air velocity over the same area, due to its specialized treatment, offering higher efficiency.
  • Versatility: EcoCool can be adapted for unique applications and seamlessly integrates with all air handling and air conditioning systems.
  • Simple Retrofitting: EcoCool can be easily fitted into existing systems.


EcoCool Pads are environmentally friendly and economical, providing a superior cooling solution for industrial and commercial premises, greenhouses, livestock areas, poultry farms, and other agricultural sites.

DRI’s EcoCool Pads create an optimal environment for nurturing nursery plants, specialized crops, and seed farming by keeping temperatures low in greenhouses and other agricultural areas. They offer many benefits, such as protection from excessive solar radiation, the ability to grow crops all year round, and support off-season nurseries. The result? Healthy, high-quality crops with excellent yield. Indeed, they serve as an ideal solution for hydroponic greenhouses. What are you waiting for? Contact our experts for your needs to customize air cooling solutions. We will surprise you with excellent results.

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