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Test Labs

World-class test facilities for performance evaluation
of Enthalpy Wheels and Desiccant Wheels

At DRI, we use a unique and a first of its kind Testing Facility/R&D Lab for the performance evaluation of Energy Wheels in association with Intertek Testing Services, Cortland (Intertek Associates with AHRI for the AHRI 1060 Program). It is designed :

For performance evaluation of Energy Wheels:

• Simulating and optimizing dynamic enthalpy/energy recovery variables for new product design and development e.g. Rotors, for sensible and latent energy recovery.
• Standardizing / establishing the ideal performance curve for fluted media (honeycomb) products
• Evaluating and certifying performance of desiccant (honeycomb) wheels/rotors
• Measuring the performance of Heat Recovery Wheels based systems.
• Assisting in prototype development and bench marking.
Test Lab




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